Censorship Free Image Sharing For All


Welcome to Imgroo - Censorship Free Image Sharing

Imgroo is a media creation and sharing web app. You can upload photos, create memes, and create gifs. All media can be uploaded/shared with or without using an Imgroo account. 

You have the option of creating/sharing single images or albums which contain multiple images. 

Right now, Imgroo is fairly basic but there are plans to add new features and work on the user interface.

Why Imgroo?

Imgroo is the latest project that seeks to provide people with a censorship free experience. Major "Silicon Valley" websites are putting their political and social agenda before their users. Content is deleted, changed, or censored solely because it doesn't fit the world view of the ones who hold the moderating power

That's not ok. The Internet should always be a place that welcomes free speech.

Growing up, I experienced the Internet as a virtual wild west. There were "societies", "rules", "regulations" etc. etc. but you could also walk into a saloon, beat someone at a hand of poker, get accused of cheating, shoot them and ride off into the sunset. 

In other words, no one was worried that feelings might get hurt. Just like real life, negative comments were going to happen. People were going to do and say things that were disagreeable to others.

Unfortunately, what we have now is the equivalent of the power hungry IRC operator of the 90's who is calling the shots for major websites. The CEO of Reddit, one of the largest websites online, recently edited users comments because they were supporting President Trump. How childish can you get? 

Along the same lines, one of if not the largest image sharing site (imgur.com) has been caught deleting or changing users uploaded content without their permission. We also have Twitter and Facebook closing accounts of those who speak out against and criticize far radical left ideology, yet radical terrorists and ISIS accounts are perfectly ok. 

The Silicon Valley radical leftists are going too far with their obsessive censorship. Along the same lines of gab.ai and voat.co, Imgroo is nothing more than a response to their ridiculous behavior.